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Get perfect pool water all summer long for your inground or above ground pool with chemicals from Regal. When we come out to service your pool at the beginning of the season, we'll get it ready for a summer full of fun with only the best chemicals to make your water as wondrous as can be.

Don't let algae build up in your pool. It can turn the water green and unattractive. Instead, let the experts in to perform regular maintenance with Regal chemicals.

Over 30 years of experience making your pool perfect!

Keeping your pool clean and safe with the right chemical treatments

 -  Algaecides

 -  Sanitizers

 -  Oxidizers

 -  Balancers

When your pool or spa parts have undergone enough wear and tear, they often need replacements. Turn to us for top brands and top service every time.

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Using only the top quality chemicals in your pool

Regular treatments

Your chemical choices

Keeping you in water fun all year long

A man adding some chemicals to the pool